Why Volunteer?

Benefits of Volunteering

In each episode, the benefits of volunteerism will be highlighted by noting that by being well nourished mentally, physically, and spiritually, community pride and engagement is built which leads to an incredibly satisfying experience. It will help viewers find new purpose and open them to a new meaning of life; a byproduct of reduced anxiety, depression, and increased life satisfaction.

It builds communities. Volunteering encourages interaction between people living in a community and strengthens community connection

It is said to boost health. A Harvard University study research confirmed that feeling connected to a community plays a key role in how healthy one feels. Volunteering is a reflection of social connect.

It reduces stress; another major health benefit. According to Robert Benson, a Harvard Cardiologist, the health benefit of doing things to help others is similar to those who practice Yoga and meditation because it slows down the heart rate and decreases blood pressure.