“This Is Your American Dream™” is a reality-based television series that promotes volunteerism and provides free and clear homes to economically disadvantaged families and/or families who have loved ones with life-threatening illnesses or disabilities. The program focuses on those families/individuals that have never had a chance to own their own piece of “The American Dream”, perhaps as a result of their circumstances such as Breast Cancer, Autism, HIV /AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, wounded veteran, homelessness etc.

“This Is Your American Dream™” is a platform that offers the opportunity to own a piece of the American dream. This show is not only about taking deserving families from the pits of poverty to the power of prosperity in one show, but also equipping them with the education and skillset needed to maintain and progress in society.

Our team has combined experience of more than 25 years in the Construction and Real Estate industries. The materials are donated, with skilled and unskilled volunteers assisting in the supervised and expeditious construction of the home.

The show’s producers coordinate and establish partnerships with the state and/or banks to acquire abandoned and foreclosed homes. The homes are then repaired, upgraded and furnished entirely to include: interior restructuring, exterior improvement, and landscaping with an embedded “green” component. The show’s on-site interior decorator will coordinate the final touches. But there is a “Twist”!  The audience, through the “This Is Your American Dream” website, will be the deciding factor on the transition of the home from the exterior to the interior-making recommendations on what changes, additions and improvements are to be made to the home. This includes the selection of furniture, color of the walls and many other aesthetic details.

Goal of the Show

To obtain, renovate, and give away 1,000 homes with one home given away per week.

“This Is Your American Dream™” is made possible by sponsors and donations. The show establishes relationships with local construction contractors and coordinates with various companies in the building trade to help accomplish the task at hand. The show will accept online nominations for needy families from their community and each nominated family will go through a rigorous screening process. Sponsors will be afforded advertising opportunities based upon their contribution to the renovation process.  Contributions include but are not limited to: legal services, furniture, appliances, electronics, vacation getaways, cars, clothing, toys, job training, counseling, insurance programs, financial services, workforce counseling, construction, home improvement.

As you read about “This Is Your American Dream,” you will likely attempt to compare it to other programs. However, our show is unique in the following ways: 


  • Beneficiaries cannot be current homeowners.
  • Beneficiaries must retain the home for a minimum of 7 years before they are permitted to engage in the sale or refinancing of the home, even then 10 percent of the net proceed would go to a predetermined charity.
  • Beneficiaries attend mandatory financial training and first time home ownership classes.
  • Online family selections undergo suitability screening.
  • Beneficiaries must agree to participate in a one and two year televised follow up.


  • Each episode educates the audience on a specific cause.
  • There will be a celebrity/expert guest that is well versed in the highlighted cause, to educate viewers.
  • Volunteer groups will consist of everyday Americans.


  • Each episode explores a different cause and raises awareness of that cause.
  • One home completed and given away per episode.
  • This is Your American Dream bus will travel throughout the United States.


  • Each “green” home is given away free and clear.
  • Abandoned and foreclosed homes are selected to benefit the entire community.

On Line Selections

  • The deserving family is determined by “America” voting.
  • The home design is determined by “America” voting.

The overall goal of this program is to revive volunteerism in America, but more importantly bring attention to the growing problems of severe heath issues, homelessness and economic hardship faced by many families throughout the nation.

With this show, volunteerism is renewed, communities are rebuilt, causes are highlighted, and needy families receive a “free and clear” home. In addition, we are restoring faith to those in hopeless situations and proving that through the generosity of our viewers “Even YOU can make a difference!”                               

Show Dynamics

How America Selects a Family:

Every week on www.ThisIsYourAmericanDream.com 10 families/groups from the same state are nominated and displayed on the site’s homepage with their video story profiles explaining why they think they deserve to have a home. Each of the 10 families will be distinctly different, except for ONE common theme (i.e.: Each family will have a member who is a wounded veteran, stricken with cancer, or who has experienced homelessness at some point in time etc.). To reiterate, people at home will vote for the family they deem as most deserving of the gift of homeownership.


We will break down Your American Dream into three major parts during production:

Scenery: We believe we can capture the audience by bringing the flavor of diverse cultures and different parts of the country through the story line. We will go from the rural Appalachia into urban areas such as Baltimore and the District of Columbia. Some of the cities where we plan to shoot, include but are not limited to:  Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Boise, Idaho, Philadelphia and Chicago. Wherever there is a need, we will go. Much however will depend on the community support and housing inventory that we have available to us. Our viewers will have an opportunity to travel to some of the most interesting places and neighborhoods in the nation, but with an extra caveat. We get to direct the story line.

Families: Each show as we mentioned will highlight a struggling family and their struggle to regain their economic foothold in the community where they live.

Community: From businesses to regular Joe’s who are concerned about their neighbors; viewers get a glimpse of neighborhood activism and charitable service at work.

History/Background: We educate our viewers about different neighborhoods while showing them innovative ways to purchase and renovate homes.